We finished our last Economic Diplomacy course from this academic year with the same energy we had at the start, and in the very friendly and relaxed atmosphere : Many thanks to H.E. Mr.Gabriel Atanasov - Ambassador of North Macedonia to Romania for accepting our invitation.

Excellent presentation and interactive discussions with H.E. Mr. David Saranga, Ambassador of the State of Israel to Romania about Country Branding and What is the underlying care brand image of Israel.

Wonderful evening together with H.E. Mr. Salah Eldin Abdel Sadek Ahmed - Ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt and the students from the Master of Diplomacy in international economy. Interesting, attractive and excellent presentation about Egypt and economic and cultural diplomacy. Thank you Dr. Dirar Kutaini from CCERPA for your support and cooperation.

First Day of the ASE International Week - H.E. Mrs. Raja Jhinaoui Ben Ali - Ambassador of Tunisia to Romania.

Iranian Economic Diplomacy - very interested and comprehensive presentation delivered by H.E. Dr. Morteza Aboutalebi, Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Romania.

Economic Diplomacy Course - together with our guests speakers - H.E. Mr. Safdar Hayat, Ambassador of Pakistan 🇵🇰 and H.E.Mr. Gheorghe Savuica,  Former Ambassador and President of IRSEA.

On March 14, 2019, the Center for Excellence in Foreign Trade organized the conference dedicated to Foreign Trade, entitled "Internationalization of Romanian Capital". This event took place in a wider framework, called the "Forum for Sustainable Development and Entrepreneurship", hosted annually by the University of Economic Studies in Bucharest.

The course "Protocol and Diplomatic Usages" together with H.E. Ambassador Gheorghe Săvuică

Kuwait Cultural Days - HE Mr Talal Algajeri, Ambassador of the State of Kuwait to Romania, prof. Maryam AlKandary - Kuwait university, prof. Essa Alansar, National Council for Culture. Host: prof Dorel Paraschiv, PHD, Vice-Rector of ASE<

Great meeting with our guest speaker - Prof. Angela KIM - Marywood University, USA - 22 mai 2018

Great meeting with wonderful persons: H.E. Mr Marco Giungi - Ambassador of Italy to Romania - 12 march 2018

Ambasador of Turkey in Bucharesr H.E. Mr. Osman Koray Ertas - Turkey celebrated 95th anniversary of "Victory Day" - 30 august 2017

ASEAN Day Festival - 50th Anniversary - Congratulations to the winners of ASEAN Essay Competition 2017 - 8 august 2017

Promotia 2017 Master in Diplomatie in Economia Internationala - Facultatea de Relatii Economice Internationale - iunie 2017

Conferinta organizata de Facultatea de Relatii Economice Internationale si Centrul Cultural European Romano - PanArab - 10 mai 2017

Conferinta ASEAN DAY organizata de Facultatea REI impreuna cu Institutul IRSEA cu ocazia aniversarii a 50 de ani de la infiintarea ASEAN - 8 mai 2017

Conferinta cu titlul "Outlook on Japan: Politics, Economy and Culture", invitat Ambasadorul Japoniei la Bucuresti, Kisaburo Ishii - 3 aprilie 2017

Conferinta organizata de Facultatea de REI cu titlul "Diplomatie si practici diplomatice", invitat Comisarul general Georgian Ghervasie - 16 martie 2017